Welcome to the Bluebottle Squadron.

A range of top quality kits, exclusively designed for us by
world renowned designers for you to build & enjoy.
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Owing to the personal circumstances of the original Bluebottle team the
production of kits has stopped for the time being. However John is planning
to get the resources and materials together to restart limited production.
This will be in the form of short runs of ten to twelve kits, of any
particular model, at a time.

These will be advertised on the web site and will be available via mail order direct
from John. John is concentrating on the DH Hornet first as there has been
interest in this model. If this goes well then other kits will follow.

Hopefully Bluebottle will continue in this way. Please bear with us and we will
update the web site as things become available.
ME109Bell X1-E

DH Hornet Skyraider

copyright J.A.W designs 2018