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De Haviland DH103 Hornet.

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The fastest twin piston-engined fighter-bomber of World War 2. Loved by its pilots and considered the sports car of the skies. This beautiful fully laser cut kit is 34 inch wing span of traditional construction. You can fly it using rubber power with the parts supplied or the large size makes ideal for electric conversion with ‘park flyer’ RC.

The Kit Includes

  • 12 Fully laser cut balsa sheet panels.
  • Quality strip wood.
  • Full size CAD drawn plans.
  • Comprehensive instruction book.
  • Quality Esaki tissue.
  • Lightweight built up wheels.
  • Moulded canopy, spinners and pilot figure.
  • Props, rubber and hardware.
  • Top quality water slide decals with optional markings
  • Contains parts to build an NF.21 Sea Hornet.
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