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This page is designed for you, the buyer, to send in your experiences gained by building one of our kits, good or bad.
If its bad news we will endevour to address your problem if its feasable.
If we get good news, indeed praise, then we will unashamedly plaster it all over the web site to our glory
If you want to contact us, here’s the link... mailbox

By Marc Ashby about the Reggiane
My first impression when opening the kit was of quality. The wood was first class and I found it unnecessary to substitute any of the balsa or other hardware. The drawings were of the quality you would expect from the pen (or computer) of Richard Crossley ... simply great. Although I had built a good many scale models in the past I decided to use the  excellent instructions. No problems were encountered using the instructions, I found the build simple and the laser cut parts very accurate .A great kit which I highly recommend to anyone.”

Marc kindly sent us some photo’s of his excellent model which can be view HERE.

From Don Parry concerning the Reggiane.
Just finished your kit of the above and want to compliment you on the quality of the kit and the laser cutting in particular. Just the thing for a wet and miserable November!”

By Jeff Horowitz about the Reggiane
The parts fit the plans exactly. Also, I love the way the laser parts are cut on the sheets, especially the ribs. just one little cut and the rib is out. On most other kits, one has to cut at the top of the rib, the bottom of the rib, the front of the rib and the rear of the rib before it can be removed from its sheet. This means that the front and rear have to be sanded smooth due to the wood that there because of the cut. So, good job!”

From Nick Peppiatt concerning the Wing-Ding.
Just to let you know, I built the Wing Ding over the Christmas period and had the opportunity to fly it last Sunday at Middle Wallop. It flew very well, and on the last flight I was rewarded with a near vertical climb with a 65mN Rapier. As far as the kit was concerned, the laser cut wood was light and firm, the cutting beautiful, and it slotted together very well.”

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