Bluebottle Squadron.

Formed in 2006 the bluebottle squadron was conceived by a bunch of avid
modelerís worried by the variable quality and high cost of kits.
Our aim was to bring high quality kits containing the best components to the
aeromodelling public at realistic and best possible prices.

Top aeromodellers from around the world, such as Mike Midkiff, Peter Smart,
Richard Crossly, Mike Stuart and Steve Bage were invited to design models for
our range, to provide the best designs available exclusive to Bluebottle.

Each kit in our range is made up of the best quality materials and components.
Every one of the designs is tested before going into production.

Designs are drawn up and the plan carefully vetted to ensure their accuracy,
the model is then built as a proof of concept to ensure all parts fit, and any
anomalies are corrected. The finished model is then flight tested, all of this
ensures that you get a proven design when you purchase one of our kits.
ME109Bell X1-E

DH Hornet Skyraider

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